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Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

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Professional Stain Removal Services

How to Remove Stains

Carpet Stain removal is important for any business or homer owner. If you have a shop or office it's important to have clean fresh smelling carpets without stains. Stain removal also adds to the life of your carpet. Over the counter products cannot always remove tough stains. Professional stain removal services are sometimes necessary. We can offer a money back promise if stains cannot be removed. So your safe in giving us a try.

Stain Removal Products

Some on the shelf stain removal products are not a powerful as industrial chemicals. In fact some over the counter products can actually make a stains harder to remove if they don't work.

All our products are safe for the environment and will not cause any harm to humans or pets.

Getting Rid of Odor

As well as stain removal services we can help get rid of odor from your Carpets. Leave your home of workplace smelling fresh and clean!